Townhouse Development

Marianne Way, Mount Waverley, Victoria


The project challenges the typical model and design of suburban townhouse development and shows that increased density and contemporary living can be achieved without compromise to the existing local neighbourhood character.

The architectural design of the development draws heavily on the established streetscape character and responds with similar form and massing but is expressed in a distinctly contemporary language. Despite being overtly contemporary, it sits comfortably in its context, further aided by quality landscape design. With the rare opportunity of a corner block, the garages are located on the opposite side of the site, allowing the street frontage to be open and accessible.

The development appears as a single built form which is in keeping with the dominant typology of the street. Being a ‘corner side-by-side’ development, each dwelling is afforded their own equal street presence and similarly their own private and functional open space.

This project, through its thoughtful design, provides for contemporary living and increased density without the sacrifice of personal amenity or disruption to streetscape character often associated typically with townhouse developments.


Nest Grower is a Melbourne based architectural company devoted to providing high quality, innovative and value adding improvement property solutions for our clients through our design.
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