Townhouse Development

Kingsville Street, Kingsville, Victoria


This development rejuvenates the site, with its dilapidated old house that is no longer suited for modern living. The site presents its own challenges due to the compact land size by introducing a series of townhouses, clustered around the site, providing its occupants still with abundance of open spaces in between each unit.

The development represents a suburb which is growing into a gentrified and much sought-after part of Melbourne due to its close proximity to Melbourne CBD in a quiet neighbourhood and also the advantage of the area being supported by a good public transport network.

Although the development is not large in size, each dwelling still has its own open car space that blends in with backyard that provide a break in between the three dwellings, to ensure that natural lights and ventilation are provided in ample to each house, making sure that the occupants can live comfortably without feeling claustrophobic.


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