Townhouse Development

20 Dawn St Highett


The purpose for this dual occupancy development is to create a place for the owner to live in with their young family, while also creating an investment property for their nest egg in the future. This proposal negates the need to find another property for their investment, and instead using their own land to create that opportunity while also designing a new home for themselves.

The brief has been made clear from the start that each of the dual occupancy needs to have its own identity, particularly when it comes to the design of the frontage of each dwelling. Each design elements have been designed so that each dwelling creates a different experience when lived in, that’s responsive to the location each house.

The modern contemporary façade evokes the feeling of exclusivity through the different materials that’s being put together carefully to create that feeling. The use of geometric patterns and shapes through the openings, walls and roofs ensure that each dwelling is different to one another, but when put side by side they are not contradicting each other and create a strong modern design that’s everlasting, ready to be passed down to future generation.

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