Townhouse Development

Olive Grove, Mentone, Victoria


The proposed development has a clear distinction amongst other development to create as much as open space as possible for each of its dwelling of 4 x double storey townhouses development. Mentone’s current population has outstripped the current housing supplies, so the demand for a medium density development is essentially needed on this area.

The challenge of limited land area on this property becomes a design opportunity to create a basement garage for each townhouse. This layout setup and free up more open space for the ground floor. Living areas for both ground and upper floor are no longer compromised because there is now more space available with the introduction of basement.

The modern minimalist design of the development reflects the adjoining neighbouring housing typology and the use of materials and colours are appropriate to the setting. Proximity to the beach and nearby school makes this development appealing to the young family demography looking into settling into this area, and each townhouse design has catered for this need through its strategic placement of room arrangement relative to the existing natural ground levels of the land.

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