Extension to Existing House

Percy Street, Brunswick


This double storey extension sits comfortably within the chorus line of Victorian era homes that forms the neighbourhood. Following a score orchestrated by relevant statutory and heritage guides, the form and scale abstractly responds to that of its 20th century neighbours, however its detail and composition remaining undoubtedly of 21st century origin.

The house is planned around a central internal courtyard, allowing natural light and cross ventilation to all rooms. The ground floor is dedicated to living spaces with sleeping quarters stacked neatly above. A series of stackable doors runs the width of the house that can be drawn open into the backyard which can be closed during the colder months in winter.

The first-floor bedroom has a box shading for the window glazing to protect from the western sun, while also acting as a planter box to provide greeneries to the upper floor. Every room has carefully placed louvred windows on opposing walls that when open act as fins to direct cross ventilation.