Townhouse Development

Camberwell Road, Camberwell, Victoria


The site is located on Camberwell Road, which is a busy road, overlooking the expansive view of the public oval where local community congregate almost on a daily basis for various activities. This strategic location demands a design that can capitalise the great vantage point and access to various public activities but needs to maintain a privacy for each of the occupants of the dwelling.

The result is a set of 4 x double storey dwellings that’s uniquely laid out on site as 2 of the dwellings are fronting Camberwell road, while the other 2 dwellings are located at the rear of the property, accessible from the road through a central open atrium in the middle of the property for pedestrian access and rear access for cars through the back right of way.

This design layout ensures that each of the 4 dwellings have their own driveway access, front yard and backyard that’s a kin to a setup similar to a house rather than townhouse. As a result each dwelling has its own identity and personality that’s responsive to its location on the site. Passive solar design plays an important role in the location of the windows and selection of materials that imbues elegance and exclusivity to the proposed development.